10 Baby Activities 0-3 months

Newborn babies don’t need toys as their tiny hands can’t grab object till they are 4 months old but they do need your engagement to help their development. Also, their eyes aren’t fully developed and they see only 8-15 inches away.  So you need be creative choosing activities for newborn.

I remember my baby girl was a newborn, as a first time mom I actually didn’t have much ideas what or how to play with her as she was so tiny helpless and looked so unaware of a world around her. It seemed like there is no much to do with her. But there is plenty activities you can do with your newborn baby. Only keep in mind not to overwhelm him. Babies actually don’t need to be entertained all the time. They also need some quiet time to be alone so they can become aware of themselves.

Here is 10 simple ideas how to play with 0-3 month old baby and enhance his physical development.

1. Talk to your baby

Gently talk to your baby while looking in her eyes. Say gentle words, praise her and talk how much you love her. You can also talk about everything you do. Baby love your voice and is familiar with it since she was in the womb.

2. Sing to your baby

There is no shooting sound as mothers voice. No matter how your vocal skills are your baby love it the most. Sing to your baby as you hold her.

3. Bounce and gently rock your baby

Babies like to be bounced. Movement reminds babies to the womb so  it is very calming for them. Gently bounce and rock your baby if he is fussy or you want help him fall asleep.

4. Touch your baby

Give your baby hugs and kisses. Touch your baby and hold her often. Touch stimulates her to move those parts of her body that are touched and stimulates her touch development. Touch is important source of security to an infant.

5. Baby massage

Massage has many benefits for your baby. It can soothe your baby, help him fall asleep and help him from brain activity to heart rate. You may use baby oil for your hands to glide smoothly over baby’s skin. Book Baby Massage and Yoga by Anita Epple  will provide you with anything you have to know about infant massage, from knowing when the best times are, to which  massage oils to use and how to set the environment. This is also great way for bonding.

6. Fun diaper song

Sing to your baby while you change his diaper. As it will make diaper change much more fun it is a beautiful way to bond and communicate with him.

7. Riding a bicycle

Lay down your baby on his back and gently move his legs like he is riding a bicycle. If baby resist do not force, try some other time when he will be in better mood.

8. Tummy time

Lie your baby down on her stomach to play and to strengthen her core muscles.  Entertain your baby singing or talking face to face. Great way to support her is with Tummy Time Pillow . Start with short periods of time and encasing every day for a little  bit more.

9. Roll, roll, roll over the ball

If you had Pilates ball for workout during pregnancy it will give your baby fun activity. Place your baby with his tummy on the ball while holding him securely. Roll the ball back and forth few times. This was my favourite.

10. Work out

Put your baby on his back and gently pull both legs until they are straight. When his legs are straight, tap the bottoms of his feet. He will point his toes downward and bend his knees. Physical activity and movement stimulates muscle and bone development but also brain growth.

And while you play don’t forget be present at the moment and enjoy special time with your baby.

Please share with us how do you play with your baby? What is his/her favourite activity?

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