Fall Activities For Preschoolers To Teach Emotions

Inside: Simple fall activities for preschoolers with making emotion leaf faces to teach emotions.

My girl has hard time dealing with emotions when is time to stop her play and do something else. She would cry, with tears flowing, sitting with her shoulders down, like the worst thing happened to her. She looks so sad that it almost makes me cry. And when I think about how she feels I realize, for her, that is a big emotion to handle it. Like her whole world collapse. And I wanna help her to know how to deal with her feelings. The more she can address how she feels, the better she will be able to overcome emotion.

Teaching about feelings and emotions can be fun if it is done through play. And there is so many ways.

Here is one of our favourite fall activities for kids that we have been doing second year in a row. We started when my daughter was two-year old and she still loves it. Except now she is able to draw faces of her own which makes her super proud.

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There are two aspects and main benefits for young kids with this activity:

  • simple craft activity for your kids to practice fine motor skills drawing and holding marker
  • learning about emotions through play

Teaching emotions can be done on a fun way and with very simple materials. After this fun fall activity you will have even more materials to play and learn.

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Drawing emotion faces on leafs and learn about how they will

fall materials for kids activities


How to play:

Invite your little one and introduce activity. Start by drawing faces on leafs, one by one.
After each face is done ask him how does that leaf feel. Start with simple ones.

We also used fun book Foods with moods for little bit of inspiration. This book is also great way to introduce concept of fillings and emotions to a young child.

So colorful and full of silly faces, contains questions to demonstrate each emotion.

After you went through all emotions give washable marker to your child and ask him to draw emotion he wants. You can think of one together and pick leaf with that emotion that you previously draw. That way she can compare and copy it if she needs help.

Holding marker and making shapes is great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

After you are done and all your leaves have their emotion faces you can play a little game.

Fall activities for preschoolers to learn social skills and emotions from young age

Pick one emotion and ask your child to find matching leaf. For example: “Can you find a leaf that feels happy? ” or “Can you find a leaf that feels sad? ”
After he picks a leaf you can talk a little bit about it. For example why is he feeling happy, or sad, or angry… What would make him feel like that.

If your child loves imaginative play, this fall activity is perfect for that too. Emotion leaves are great for pretend play.  You can even set up a little scene on small theatre where you can play your own drama with emotional characters.

So next time when your child’s world collapse, think about ways how you can start learning about emotions on a fun way, like make faces on a leafs.

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Simple fall activities for toddlers and preschoolers to teach about emotions. Feelings are hard concept for a young children and this is perfect activity to learn through play. Click for full article. #kidsactivities #fallactivites #leafcrafts #feelings #emotions #emotionfaces

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