Baby sensory book sewing hacks

Here you will find baby sensory book sewing hacks that will help you make sensory baby book quickly and easily.

Little hacks for making a sensory baby book

Sewing a quiet book for babies can be challenging tasks, especially if you never have done made one before. The principle is the same as for the toddler quiet books, but for babies, you want to adjust it more to their developmental stage. and make it extra safe.

For babies, it comes more to the exploring senses, colors, materials, smell, and even taste. That is why baby quiet books are also called baby sensory books.

Before you learn how to make a baby quiet book, scroll down and read these incredible hacks. Here I will tackle baby sensory book sewing hacks that will help you create the best possible experience for the baby, without breaking a bank.

NOTE: Don’t forget to prewash and clean all the materials that will come in touch with a little one. Also, it is very important to secure all small pieces, especially buttons, that are choking hazards.


Baby sensory book sewing hacks

So the first thing, you may know or don’t know, baby fabric book can be made entirely out of scraps that you already have in sewing supplies stash. Keeping that in mind, let’s get started.

Reinforcing fabric pages

You want pages to be thick and firm, so little fingers can grasp and easily turn the pages. For reinforcing fabric pages you have a few options:

  •  quilting batting between two fabrics that make pages,
  • iron-on fusible fleece on the back of the fabric, before sewing objects on pages,
  • use thick felt instead of fabric for pages (make sure it is good quality made),
  • combination of a fusible fleece and quilting batting will make thick and stiff pages.

Quilting batting inside the quiet book pages will give softness and thickness


Stuffed objects on a fabric book pages

Stuff appliques and simple objects (like clouds) with Polly pillow stuffing to make them puffy and soft on touch (if you don’t have Polly stuffing you may take some from an old pillow, old plush toy, or better yet, you may use felt scraps). I fill clouds, umbrellas, mushrooms, fruits, boat sails, air balloons …

Fill appliques with poly pillow stuffing for softness

Baby mirrors

A baby mirror can be made out of baby cereal packaging or coffee packaging, there are also baby-safe mirror sheets available for purchase.

tips and tricks baby mirror from packaging foil


Adding ‘Crinkle’ sound

‘Crinkle’ sound can be made by placing clear foil under the fabric. I used food-safe foil here, a good alternative is a piece of baby wipes refill bag. Also, there is crinkle material available for purchase, made especially for making baby toys. The choice yours. 

Make crinkle sound with packaging food safe foil


Windows and picture frames

Clear vinyl from packaging bags, like curtains, socks, underwear (it is not stiff and it is easy to sew on) are great for making clear windows or picture frames inside the quiet book.

Sewing notions

Ribbons, strings or elastic of all kinds and sizes:  stitch them on one side and leave to hang, the baby will love to pull them. You may use buttons, snaps, or something else that you find in your stash as long as you sew them securely.

Cloud with ribbon rain in a baby sensory book

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Fabric scraps

Use colorful fabric scraps and combine them randomly on the same page. Rainbow colors work great but black and white combination is great for small babies to explore contrast.

sewing baby sensory book

Transfering sewing pattern

how to transfer pattern on felt

So when sewing a quiet book, ask yourself how can you help your baby to explore their senses, go through your sewing supplies, and the entire house to see what you already have and can use in the baby book.

Using these hacks I made a little baby sensory book for my 6-month-old son, Things that go. This super cute book is still one of his favorites and you can purchase sewing patterns with instructions for the whole book here.


Don’t have a big sewing supply stash? Don’t worry, you can purchase all these quiet book materials. Here are my picks:

These baby sensory book sewing hacks will help you make a baby quiet book without breaking the bank but on the other hand, providing the best possible sensory experience for your baby.

If you have crafty friends and new moms, share these baby sensory book sewing hacks with them and give them a great gift idea for a new baby.

baby sensory book sewing hacks


Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. MK | 5th Oct 22

    Thank you for the guide! It was so detailed and helpful! Going to make this for my niece 🙂

  2. Janice Moulard | 17th Aug 20

    Good Morning,

    I have been visiting sites about making quiet books and yours is the most detailed and complete that I have found. Sewing isn’t the issue for me since I have sewn for YEARS, it was the suggested materials as well as hints that sold me. I am by far an artist so finding simple pictures to trace seems to be my biggest complication. However, this being said, with your guidance I am beginning to gather fabric, trim, and whatever to begin my project. My books will be for babies, twin girls (granddaughters). Thank you and I look forward to any new ideas that you post.

    • Lily Zunic | 17th Aug 20

      Hi Janice, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’re fining it helpful. Good luck with your books ?

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