Felt Zipper Pouch Tutorial (As Part Of Quiet Book Page)

Inside: This zipper pouch tutorial will teach you how to make felt pouch for your quiet book page.

Little felt zipper pouch in a quiet book is an excellent way to keep small parts stored plus zipper is great way for young child to learn and practice zipping skills.

Sewing zipper pouch is an easy sewing project and it will take only 15-20 minutes to complete it.

Before we start here are some ideas on what pages is good option to place felt pouch:

  • Spell my name page – to store letters
  • Numbers and counting pages
  • Shapes or any sorting page
  • I spy pages
  • Any pages with tiny pieces

I’m gonna show you how to make a rectangle shaped felt pouch but keep in mind that you can use any shape using same principle. Like round to make ladybug pouch (and store its dots inside), monster with zipper mouth (eating cookies), whale (eating fishes), alligator, kangaroo, monkey (eating bananas) and so on.

alligator zipper activity quiet book page

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Felt zipper pouch tutorial for quiet book page

This pouch is ideal for 9×9 inch busy book page and may also fit 8×8 inch page.


  • Rectangle shaped piece of felt ( I used 7,5 x 4,5 inches for this tutorial)
  • Cotton fabric for quiet book page ( 9,5 x9,5 inches, o,5 inches is seam allowance)
  • Zipper 7 inches (18cm)
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing machine zipper foot
  • Thread
  • Sharp scissors


Cut felt rectangle and make a cut in 7,5 x 4,5 dimensions for the zipper. Cut hole so that width fits zipper, 0.6 inches .(photo).

felt zipper pouch on fabric background - tutorial

Pin zipper on its place – top side (when is closed) where little metal stopper is, should come right next to the felt. Zipper will be longer than your felt piece, but you just need to make  3-4 stitches on the side end to secure zipper opening. Be careful not to brake needle, go with a slowest speed.

zipper pouch tutorial - making felt pouch for quiet book

Sew using standard straight stitch and foot needle.
For how to use zipper foot you can sign up for (free) video class with Craftsy, you will learn sewing machine basics and troubleshooting which is extremely helpful if you are a beginner.

how to sew zipper pouch out of felt

Cut excess zipper with scissors so it does not stands out of felt. Burn zipper edges carefully with lighter so it does not fray.

Sew felt fabric all around to fabric quiet book page.

And your felt zipper pouch is done.

spell my name page for busy book or quiet book

In this tutorial I made simple rectangle shape for Spell my name quiet book page. You can use this simple zipper pouch tutorial to make pouch in any desired shape, like I mentioned at the beginning.

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Zipper whale quiet book page sewing pattern and tutorial

Get sewing patterns here.

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Hope you will make great activity pages using this tutorial. If you liked it please take a moment and share it.

How to sew zipper pouch on a quiet book page

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