10 Useful Tips Good To Know Before You Start Making A Quiet Book

Inside: I believe that engaging kids in creative play don’t have to be overwhelming, so yourself a headache with these useful tips you need to know before starting making a quiet book. 

Okay, you decided to make a DIY quiet book as a present, but know what? Are you a bit confused and overwhelmed with all the information you found. You don’t wanna miss anything in the process and wants your project to be perfect. So the question is where and how exactly to start DIY quiet book?

It is a common issue when you are making a quiet book for the first time. It seems like a big, complicated project, but let me reassure you, it is a fun learning experience that will bring lots of joy and creative play to your little one.

Even if you’ve already started, there is always something new to learn. My Quiet Book guide is a good way to start and find many useful links, quiet book patterns and tips.

If you have a new baby on board or expecting one, you may think about making a soft baby sensory book. It is a small version of a quiet book but focused on a baby’s development with a goal to encourage sensory play, hand-eye coordination and exploration. When you start engaging your baby in creative play from an early age you are setting right foundations to raise a creative child.

Here you will find useful tips you need to be aware of before you start. These steps will make your process of making easier and save you more work at the very end.

So let’s start.

Save yourself a headache with these useful tips for making a quiet book

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1. Decide a theme you wanna do, main colours and what is your end goal. You can focus on the child’s favourite movie, characters or you can be focused on pages with different activities that will help your child to learn and develop fine motor skills.

Bonus: Download a free worksheet to plan your quiet book.

2. Decide on the size of each page and the number of pages. The most common page size is  9×9 inches, but you can do bigger or smaller, just keep in mind that most of the patterns you will find online is made for basic 9×9 inches size.  The number of pages may vary anywhere from 6, 10, 12 or more.

3. For page reinforcement (in between pages) choose thick batting or fusible fleece .

4. When buying fabric 1/2 yard would be enough for pages. If you are making a book with 9×9 inches pages you need 10 inches square fabric for one page. For activities on pages, use felt and fabric scraps.

5. Pre-wash and iron all fabric before cutting. Use natural detergent to avoid allergies.

6. Buy a variety of felt colours in sheets instead of buying a yard. You will use small pieces. However, if you intend to make more quiet books I recommend buying 1/2 yard in colours that are used more often, like a light blue for the sky, water, ponds; green for grass, bushes and trees, brown for soil, tree trunks, garden soil. Also, consider white and black.

7. When creating pages consider leaving about 1 – 1/2 inch on a side for binding. I suggest that you make a cardboard template where the binding holes will go (if you are doing binder rings). Keep in mind that one side of the page has binding on the right side, and the other side of the page has binding on the opposite (left) side.

8. Learn different ways to transfer patterns onto felt and decide which one works the best for you.

9. Use fusible web to keep pieces in place instead of using pins. This will save you lots of time.

10. Now when you have an idea how to start, gather your materials. Having a list of quiet book materials you can make your present without delays.

Hope this list gave you a better idea of how to start making a quiet book.

And one more thing before you leave.

I would suggest that you start with easy pages, rather than a complex ones. Making a complex page (that you have never done before) may go wrong and you can feel defeated if you are not satisfied with a final outcome. Making the first page successfully will mean tremendous success to you. This small victory will give you the necessary enthusiasm and confidence in yourself to conquer even complex pages.

To get started download the worksheet for easy planning and sign up here  for more tips on how to make a quiet book.

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If you know someone who could benefit from these useful tips for making a quiet book or is on the same journey of raising creative kids, please take a moment and share it.



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