The Best Of Creative Play Basics To Get Started With Learning Through Play

Welcome to creative play basics! 

If you are here means you understand the importance of child’s play. And you are, my friend, in the right place (read more in About page).

Through creative play kids are learning valuable skills, grow emotionally and develop intellectually. Play is something that comes to children naturally. If you give them right ‘ingredients’ they will embrace  creative play and dive into it with ease.

Examples of creative play include open-ended activities like building, modeling, dance and movement, art and crafts …

There are so many benefits learning through play brings, yet you have so many questions.

You may wonder what activities are the best to help your child learn through play.

You are not sure what are age appropriate activities that will maximize their creative potential.

You struggle with engaging them in to independent play.

That all seems to much for you?

I believe that engaging kids into creative play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time-consuming.

Here are some ideas and useful tips how you can start engaging child into creative play from an early age, including what are classic creative activities, my favorite how to bring in creativity in to daily house chores and list of the most used craft supplies you need to have on hand. In addition there are lots of easy activities and toys that you can make on your own. All-together, you will create beautiful memories while your child is growing up as a creative open-minded human being. 


Get Started With Learning Through Play

If you have young child start with these posts and find out how and where to start with early childhood development.


Including children into house chore as part of a creative play


Simple (and inexpensive) DIY activities and toys you can make on your own

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