3 Practical Tips For Introducing Crafts To Toddler

Inside: Find out what mindset you should have before introducing crafts to toddler to make it successful and fun.

As it may be very challenging to start arts and crafts with your toddler it is not so hard. As long as you are well prepared for what is coming. Because there are some things no one talk about.

So here are three practical tips you should now when introducing crafts to toddler. 


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What should you now before introducing crafts to a toddler

Young kids are by nature so occupied with everything that is new around them and may not follow what you do, or would you want them to do. I had that same problem her when I introduced arts and crafts to my (then) 17 month old daughter. Now, you may think that is too early, but I can tell you it is never too early, as long you follow these 3 simple guidelines.

You can find many, many cool ideas for simple crafts for kids but in reality nobody tells you how it really goes. Or what should you expect. Every child is different. How they will act and react depends on their developmental stage but there is also a lot about parent’s approach.

Needless to say, something that you probably already know if you gave a thought and decided to do kids crafts for the first time: start with simple crafts, like coloring for kids or simple crafts with paper and glue.

Here is how to set up yourself mentally for this upcoming crafting challenge.

3 things necessary for successfully introducing crafts to toddler that guaranty success:

If you saw a beautiful kids craft on Pinterest don’t expect yours to be like that at all. Start craft you planned but be flexible what will come out of it. Let your child express himself or practice activity that he finds fun or appealing that moment.
For example, when we were making cotton sheep craft, that was one of our first crafts, my daughter enjoy gluing cotton balls,  but she didn’t make it to the end. She lost her interest and star playing with googly eyes. She ended up sorting them and just playing. And that is okay too.


After you decide what craft you will do, be prepared with craft supplies you may need. This will save you time in a long run and help you to choose various craft projects for kids without thinking can you pull it out.
You can download full list of crafts supplies (including household items, materials from a recycle bin  and materials from nature) so you can keep track what do you have on hand.


Patience is a key for success of your first craft project when introducing crafts to toddler. And for many after. Approach to this new activity as it is just a fun play and opportunity to explore.  Help your child to explore new craft materials and tools. This is very first time she may be got to play with them. Show how to use them and encourage to do creations on her own.

In the end, it is all about  having fun and learning something new through play. Keep in mind that every craft does not have to be perfect and looks same like the photo you found at the first place.



Here is what should you know (and no one tells you) about starting arts and crafts with young kids and toddlers. Set yourself for fun and successful kids craft project from the beginning. Click to read tips.


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