5 Quick Art And Craft Ideas For Kids You Need To Know

Inside: Simple art and craft ideas to keep kids busy while cooking dinner. Easy to set up, without any preparation and with craft supplies you already have on hand. 

How many times you needed to finish the dinner and your child hasn’t stop hanging on your leg. Or she hasn’t stop whining to play with her ‘just one minute‘? Or how may times they almost fall in to a rabbit hole while you were not watching?

Just kidding about rabbit hole. We don’t have that one in our house. Although sometimes I wish we do.

Boredom hits my daughter every time I need to do something quickly or when I’m the busiest. Normally I include her in the most of the housework activities but giving her to help me with the chores sometimes doubles or even triples time I need to finish the task. And, sometimes you know, you just need to get things done, quickly and on your own.


5 Quick Art And Craft Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy

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Over time I discovered that my 3 year old really enjoys doing crafts on her own. Found that these 5 kids crafts works great to entertain her for at least 20 minutes or sometimes even more. I give her basic craft supplies and she will do something out of it. And I?  Well I have minimal impact on what she is creating. I’m there if she needs help, which she needed more when she was young toddler.

These 5 kids crafts make wonders in our house just because they are:

  • super quick to set up – just pull out craft and art supplies
  • so easy that any kid can do it – from young toddler to preschooler and older kids
  • foundation – you can modify idea and play around over and over, rotate supplies,  and always have new craft ideas for kids

Sounds exciting?  Let’s dig in!


1. Cut & Glue Collage Art And Craft Ideas

One of the simplest kids crafts ever is to give your kid some paper, safety scissors and glue.  You can grab paper whatever comes  first to your hand as a base to glue on little pieces. Then give him different coloured construction paper he can cut to pieces. If your child does not know how to use scissors yet you cut paper or cardboard  (once I’ve quickly cut cereal box to small pieces) and give him to glue them.

Sometimes I pull everything out: pom poms, cut pipe cleaners on a small pieces, cut (or give her to cut) craft foam, really, anything you have on hand that moment will do.

TIP: Check out Kids arts and crafts supplies list with links included + nature craft supply list + household items and recyclable materials you can use for kids crafts that will save you time planing (free printable included).

This Cut & Glue Collage craft activity will improve creative thinking, fine motor skills and practice cutting with scissors.

collage arts and crafts for kids

rainy day paper crafts for toddlers



2. Pom Pom Easy Craft Ideas

Take out some pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, craft foam or anything else you have in your craft box and make funny random creatures; like monsters or animals.

This craft activity will improve imagination, creative thinking and invite for a pretend play.

pom pom kids crafts - pom pom monster craft



3. Cotton Ball Fun Easy Crafts

This is one of my favourites. On a sheet of paper draw shape, like simple animal; sheep, penguin, fish, piggy or cloud, cake or literally any shape you child can fill in gluing cotton balls. To finish craft add elements that are missing: cut construction paper, googly eyes, or just draw what is missing. Perfection is here on the last place, think about all fun and creativity your child can discover playing around.

cotton balls craft - rainbow easy crafts for toddlers



TIP: Check out Kids arts and crafts supplies list with links included + nature craft supply list + household items and recyclable materials you can use for kids crafts that will save you time planing (free printable included).


4. Pasta Craft Ideas

Simple as it looks. Take some macaroni (yes, from your pantry), give the glue and fun starts right there. Same as cotton ball crafts, you can draw any shape or your child can do that on his own too. In our brilliant pasta shamrock craft  you will find out how you can easily dye pasta with safe food colouring which will be even more fun. Only thing is that you have to prepare coloured pasta in advance and let it dry before any craft project, but once done you will have your supply ready.

Tip: For this project you can use neat colouring page instead drawing.

pasta arts and crafts for kids

pasta crafts for toddlers


5. Up-cycle craft and art projects for kids

Now, up-cycling is real fun play in our house. When we dig in in to our recyclable bin sometimes we don’t even know what will come out. As I like to play too, we often make real DIY kids projects like carton pirate ship, digger or smaller like tissue box toy car wash.

tissue box crafts - car wash

tissue box car wash toy

making upcyced train toy DIY kids


What if everything fails down or is not enough for your kids?

There is solution for that to. Recently I joined Green Kid Crafts and absolutely love their montly subscription program. Why? Honestly I was inspired with whole bunch of STEAM activities created to encourage kids (2-10+ age) to explore and learn about nature and in general, world around us. But mostly, I loved the idea that the founder is working mom and environmental scientist. That gives me trust that activities are carefully designed to meet child’s needs. If you wanna check it out you will see there is a lot fun learning activities for your child.

Plus, there is an element of surprise with each subscription box that I think counts the most when it comes to keep your kids excited.

So you see, who needs rabbit hole when simple kids crafts can be easily rotated giving your kids opportunity to explore and learn on his own.

If you liked these ideas for quick kids crafts please do me a favour,  take a moment and share it with other busy moms that will help them to have some peace when they need it.


Quick and easy kids crafts ideas for when you need to cook dinner or if you just need simple cheap kids crafts that are easy to set up. These are great kids crafts for toddlers and prechool





Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Lorrin | embrace the perfect mess | 23rd May 18

    Adorable! My kids are always trying to get me to do crafts with them. These are great ideas!

    • Lily Zunic | 24th May 18

      Glad you like it Lorrin. Hope you will get some ‘free’ time implementing these ideas.

  2. Terri | 23rd May 18

    These are all too cute! My son would love the up cycled car wash from the tissue box. That’s such a good idea. My son is still a bit too young for these as he’s 1.5 but I’ll definitely keep this ideas in my back pocket for when he is older.

    • Lily Zunic | 23rd May 18

      Thank you Terri. I also waited with lots of projects until my daughter gets older but I had some that we did together, I only did the most part while she played with supplies.

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