How To Make The Most Creative Easter Eggs Ever For Little Pirate Lovers

Preview: Looking for some cool Easter crafts for kids? Get inspired and make creative pirate eggs for play and decoration.

We are a pirate friendly family. Now, you may think I have house full of boys. But the truth is a have a little guy who have no idea about pirates (yet), and three year old girl who is totally crazy about pirates (and diggers… and choo choo trains…). So instead of dressing dolls we often do pirate crafts.

The most creative Easter egg pirate crafts for kids

Last summer we had big two day project – huge cardboard pirate ship and had so much fun making up pirate games. That is how I got the idea of making themed Easter decorations. 

Instead of traditional Easter craft for kids  we made it fun for my daughter with Easter pirate eggs.

Trust me, this was a real BIG HIT. 

Easter egg pirates for kids - Easter crafts for kids that was a BIG hit at our house. Easy and simple. Try it out.

Hope you are ready, because you are just about to have tons of fun. You will get brilliant inspirational idea for pirate themed eggs if you have guy (or a girl like me) who is totally crazy about pirates.

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Materials you will need for pirate eggs:

Materials you will need for pirate ship:

How to make Pirate eggs -materials you will need

Simple instructions how to make pirate ship and decorate eggs:

For this project I used empty eggshells that you can make on your own in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pierce raw egg with a needle (or for your connivence you my use egg-pricker ). Make holes on both sides; at the top of the egg and the bottom.
  2. Reach through the one hole with a toothpick to break the yolk and membranes.
  3. Set up a clean bowl to catch the insides of the egg. Set a straw on a hole and blow with your mouth, holding egg above bowl, until everything comes out.
  4. Rinse egg under running water through bigger hole, let it drain and dry. You may put eggshells in the microwave on high for 15-30 seconds or bake them in 300ºF/150ºC oven for 10 minutes.

If you have younger kids you may wanna consider plastic or wooden eggs for this project, especially if they are gonna play with pirates afterwards. Empty eggshells are very fragile. I broke  2-3 while I pressed them a little bit too much and one rolled down the table and broke. No worries – we had pirate version of a Humpty Dumpty story.



Now let’s dress our pirates to be.

First draw clothes using Sharpie markers . I only can recommend this brand because I never tried anything after I discovered Sharpie. And that was a while ago. Sharpies draw on almost anything, dry quickly and I love great variety of colours they offer.

Start somewhere in the middle of the egg and continue downwards. Leave upper half empty for the face because you will have better idea where to put eyes once when they are dressed.

I drew variety of outfits but my favourite were stripes. For stripes I used narrow 1/4 inch masking tape to make stripes even but after two eggs I gave up perfectionism. It took a bit more time than I expected to glue tape, so it is up to you how you wanna do it.

For a face draw one eye, eye patch, nose (optional, I used ultra fine black Sharpie for nose) and moustache. Last step was black round hat on the top of the head. 

In the end glue stickers. I get my daughter to help me putting sticker hats and other accessories on fellow pirates and details ship, like parrots, treasure chest, barrel, anchor…

For ship you take empty egg carton, make two holes on the top to stick sails. Make sails out of foam sheets and wooden stick like in the photo. Glue on strategic places to make them stand. 

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I made a flag out of same material and we used sticker flag too. Decorate the rest of the ship with stickers.

Now if you are thinking about long term pirate dolls – you can make them the same way but using wooden peg dolls instead eggshells. This is what we did recently.

Pirate peg dolls with felt pirate hats would make a durable toy for toddler or preschooler.

So if you are pirate friendly family, like we are, this is a simple idea to delight your kids. Among many Easter kids crafts ideas these are far more creative and you must admit they are unique.

See you on the other side in a pirate play-land!

Wooohoo! This is the most creative idea for Easter eggs if your kids love pirates. Definitely kids crafts that will be BIG hit this Easter. Click for tutorial and ideas.

Pirate egg crafts and egg cartoon ship. Great for easter egg decoration and for play. Click to visit pirate play-land!
















Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Jenna | 3rd Apr 18

    LOVE these little guys! How fun & simple!!

  2. Kat | 2nd Apr 18

    This is such an original idea! They are so cute, and perfect for older kids 😊

    • Lily Zunic | 2nd Apr 18

      Thank you Nicole and Kat! My 3 year old enjoyed helping me and putting stickers on. But Yes, I agree, older kids would have much more fun colouring and creating them.

  3. Nicole | 28th Mar 18

    These are adorable! What a clever idea! My pirate loving son would flip!

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