Top 20 The Most Wanted Toy Ideas For Little Pirate Lovers

Preview: The best pirate toys shopping guide for kids 3-8 years old with over 20 ideas divided by pretend play, games, water play, outdoor play and more. BONUS IDEAS: pirate books and playroom pirate decor. 

“There was an old pirate . . . who swallowed a fish, a bird, a map, some gold, and even a whole pirate ship!”goes our favourite verse we sing along often.

And than my daughter love to say  – “Com’n you naughty pirate – let’s go to the store, to buy some food. 

As we often play pretend games to be a good pirates, there are some naughty pirates in our life too. Those will come and take our toys away if they are not put on its place. Also, there are some naughty pirates who are driving around our neighbourhood every evening and looking for the kids who are not in their bed when bedtime comes.

Luckily, we never saw those ones.

Themed play, games, stories, crafts  and pirate toys are common in our house for a long time. Now, it was never my intention to scare my girl with stories about naughty pirates, but that is something she came up with one night.

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We already have had our bedtime routine; took a bath, read a book and snuggled with a goodnight hug. Light was turned off. Only her ladybug nightlight was projecting blue stars on the room walls giving peaceful tone. Oh, I wished to lay down and sleep. But not her.

By the seventh time she got out to the bed, this time asking for more water, with her whiny voice, I snapped. I freaked out, again. With little words, trying not to communicate any more, I tucked her in the bed – again.  When she asked, with cutest worried voice ever – “Pirates will take me away?”

“Yes, “– I said – “Pirates will come and get you if you are not in the bed,” – not knowing should I say yes or no, or should I say nothing,  I sad ‘yes’.

And it worked.

First night, second night… every night since then. I would just remind her after bedtime routine that pirates are driving around but that she is safe in her bed.

All that pirate stuff made me dream about pirates. No kidding. But also inspired me to put together this huge list of the best pirate toys, games, books and playroom decor ideas that you may find handy too, if you have a little pirate lover, like I do.

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The Best Pirate Toys For Little Pirate Lovers


Pretend play for little pirates

Pirate – Play Tent for Kids – Washable and Foldable with Portable bag. Great for indoor and outdoor pretend play. (3+)

Kids Pirate Costume – costume is a must have for any pretend play from an early age. 

Kids Pirate Costume Accessories Role Play Set – Great 8 piece set with glow in the dark Weapons, Pistol, Sword, Hook, and Parrot that can be mounted on a shoulder. (3+)

Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box – Beautifully crafted wooden telescope would make perfect addition to pirate theme party or pretend play.

Pirate themed arts and kids crafts (Great for rainy days)

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Pirate Chest Craft Kit An engaging arts and crafts activity that will appeal to kids with a sense of adventure, comes with wooden pirate chest, 27 stickers, 4 pots of paint, paintbrush, and 2 glitter glues. Promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression. (4-8 years)

Stephen Joseph Craft – Pirate Apron – Waterproof apron that will serve for any craft or art project. Velcro tabs attach easily to back and make it easy to use. (3-6 years)

PlayMais Fun To Learn Pirates – A Box Full of Creativity for Kids – Educational Arts and Crafts Toys, Gift for Boys and Girls. 100% biodegradable, natural and safe arts and crafts material. PlayMais is made from corn starch, water and food colouring. Contains more than 550 PlayMais, 14 pre-printed cards, instructions, sponge and some accessories. (3+)

Petit Collage Color and Build Pop-Out, Pirates Playset – Simply decorate and then press out the play pieces to create a play set that is durable enough for everyday play. Helps develop hand-eye co-ordination and the development of problem solving skills. Made with recycled paper printed with non-toxic environmentally friendly vegetable based inks. (4+)

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Pirate games for kids

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Matching Game –  Good old-fashioned matching game that will improve memory skills. (3+)

Blockbeard’s Balance Boat Balancing Game – such a fun balancing game with 18 pieces made of natural wood. Stack fun pirate pieces like the compass, anchor, jolly roger, cannon, treasure chest, and crew. (3+)

Pop Up Pirate – The surprise family game that is a real barrel of fun. Kids love the popping action of the pirate flying out of the barrel and trust me, you will have no choice but play it again and again. (4-8 years)

Treasure Hunt Game – The carefully considered clues are written and illustrated with guidance from educational lists to offer a challenge for children. Perfect party game. (3+)

Water fun & Outdoor water pirates toys

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table – The best toy pirate ship, water play table loaded with spinning features. Ideal for small spaces like balcony or deck. We have similar water table that we turn in to sandbox, construction zone or washing station. Really, you can use it for any imaginative play and that is the reason I love it so much. (2-6 years )

Pirate Play Center Inflatable Pool – Kids can cool off using the hose connected spray cannon, pretend to steer the vessel through jagged rocky coves or dual it out in the main pool with the inflatable cutlasses. (2-8 years)

Ultimate Pirate Bath Toy – Puzzle together the 3 piece pirate ship with pirates and a smaller raft/ship next to it and start your pirate play. Floats in the water for the ultimate bath toys for boys or girls. (2+)

Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce – if you really wanna go wild this summer this sizeable water park and splash area is awesome idea. Your kids and their friends will have loads of space to pretend they are roaming the open seas. (3-12 years)

Pirate toy set

My Little Sandbox –  miniature pirate world for rainy or cold days. (3+)

Wooden pirate set  11-piece set of children’s pirate figurine toys and accessories features. (3+)

Shark Bite Pirate Ship – awesome toy set where child can set sail by pushing the ship along – the side fins move up and down so it looks like it’s swimming.

KidKraft Pirates Cove Play Set – this set will delight any pirate lover, with 3 primary pieces – a pirate ship, a Scout tower and a large pirate Hideout is large enough that multiple children can play at once.


Pirate books for kids

Pirate Pups! (Paw Patrol) – Little Golden Book for little pirates. One of our favourite stories, as my daughter LOVE Paw Patrol. The best combination we could get. 

Pirate (Boy) from Hallmark Personalized Books – Create a personalized book with a hero that looks just like your child! Choose your little guy’s skin tone, eyes and hair, then make him the star of the story by adding his name. You can even add your own name to the dedication. According to reviews it is the gift that you can’t go wrong. This book is on our whist list for now to get it for next birthday.

Goodnight Pirate: The Perfect Bedtime Book! –  Perfect way to help little pirates to wind down on their way to dreamland. 

There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish – There was an old pirate . . . who swallowed a fish, a bird, a map, some gold, and even a whole pirate ship! Will the Old Pirate sink to the bottom of the deep, dark sea? Yo ho ho! Watch his belly grow! – Such a fun book, modern and highly appealing to young kids.

Bonus:  The most wanted pirate themed playroom and nursery decor

Playroom Wall Decal – Playroom Wall Decal “Work like a captain play like a pirate” removable vinyl wall decal. This beautiful wall decoration is a perfect addition to your children’s room or nursery room.

Personalized Name Wooden Blocks – Darling set for your little pirate! Colors used are tan, red, black or you may choose your own colours. Perfect for nursery or playroom.

Decorative Square Accent Pillow – Cute Pirate Kids Treasure Chest with Ship on Ocean Background Illustration

Pirate Ship Wall Clock – Cute, fun and colorful designed Wall Clock for your kids room or a unique gift for any lucky! A very uniquely gift at an affordable price.

Hope you find this gift guide for pirate toys useful. As my daughter would say – Com’n you naughty pirate… tell us in a comments bellow what is your favourite pirate game or toy.

Pirate toy ideas for kids (3-8 years old) with more than 20 gift ideas for pirate play. Bonus included: Pirate books plus pirate themed playroom or nursery decor. Click to browse this huge pirate toys shopping guide.

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