Fun Flannel Board: Five Red Strawberries

There are several versions of this felt board rhyme, like one with apples . We love this one the most since we learned it long time ago on our weekly story time program for kids in library.  It is very easy to make and fun to play.

Download strawberries free pattern  and cut strawberries using red felt.

For each you will need two pieces, front and back. Usually I make objects using only one layer but with strawberries I went with two.

On a front felt  piece I used white embroidery thread for seeds. It is much nicer when you cover back with another piece of felt.

Use green felt for stems and glue one stem on each strawberry. You can use hot glue, but carefully with it.


Five Red Strawberries

Five red strawberries, sweet to the core.
Bear came and ate one and then there were four.

Four red strawberries, growing near a tree.
Bear came and ate one and then there were three.

Three red strawberries, for you and you and you.
Bear came and ate one and then there were two.

Two red strawberries, sitting in the sun.
Bear came and ate one and then there was one.

One red strawberry, left all alone.
Bear came and ate it and then there were none.

With Five Red Strawberries felt board rhyme your kid will learn and practice counting.
We use hand puppet bear to be more interesting and love when he comes and loudly eat strawberries one by one.

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