Felt Board and Toddler Songs – Five Pretty Valentines

Five Pretty Valentines is adorable Felt Board Story with two cute preschool songs and free printable template for you to make.

Love should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine’s day. That is unwritten rule in our home. We always take care one after another, trying to please and do small little things to show how much do we care and love – every day.

Even if that means just a hug after a long day.

Life is so much easier and nicer that way.

When I was a child Valentine was a special day as it is my mother’s birthday. My brother and I would always do some crafts and give it to her along with a red rose. That was time before internet and we had to rely on our imagination and ideas from school. When I think about it now, how she loved our  DIY gifts, those were nice moments that makes unforgettable memories. For me and for her. I realize that now when I am mom myself.

 Five Pretty Valentines Preschool Songs

Valentine is a great occasion to learn kids about sharing love and have some fun doing Valentine’s crafts. I’m not saying you shouldn’t teach them that they every day 🙂 Browse some ideas and enjoy easy crafts that could make lovely gifts to share love all year round.

Valentine Felt Board Story

Print this Five Pretty Valentines Free Template and make your cute Valentines. You will also need eyes and some 3D fabric paint for mouth. But permanent marker will do if you don’t have fabric paint.

And play can begin!


Valentines Toddler Songs


Five Pretty Valentines

Five pretty valentines waiting at the store.
(child’s name) bought one and then there were four.
Four pretty valentines shaped like a “V”
(child’s name) bought one and then there were three.
Three pretty valentines said “I love you”
(child’s name) bought one and then there were two.
Two pretty valentines, this was so much fun.
(child’s name) bought one and then there was one.
One pretty valentine sitting on the shelf.
I felt sorry for it, so I bought it for myself!

How Many Valentines?

Valentines, valentines,
How many do you see?
Valentines, valentines: (Point to the valentines as you count them)
One for Father,
One for Mother,
One for Grandma
One for Sister,
One for Brother,
And here is one for you!

Share Love and Happy Valentine!

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DIY Felt board story -Five Little Valentines is great for young kids to play story time. t is easy to make out of felt. Get your free template with click on the link

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