Easy DIY Felt Button Snake To Practice Fine Motor Skills

Preview: Tutorial for easy to make fine motor skills activities toy – Felt Button Snake . Plus you can use your felt scraps. 


“Not all snakes are bad, right mommy?” – she asked one day.
“Of course not,  there are some really, really good ones that can be fun.” – I replied with hesitation
“But be aware… not all of the snake are good to. “

Easy Felt Button Snake Toy – Tutorial

Homemade felt Button Snake is simple toy which provides many benefits from playing to practicing fine motor skills activities. It is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Button snake is basically very simple quiet game, ribbon with buttons on the ends and pieces of fabric with slit in a middle to go throughout the button on the ribbon. As the base for pieces can be made with sewn one felt scrap to the very bottom of the ribbon or tied knot I prefer button on both sides. It will leave your kid several possibilities to play.

Materials you will need for this project:

  • 17 inch Ribbon
  • Felt in different colours
  • 2 buttons in different colours
  • Thread, needle and scissors

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Sew two buttons on the ends of the ribbon very securely.

sew button snake toy

Cut felt into squares 3 x 3 inch and/or rounds, hearts, flowers, diamonds…

felt button snake

Cut slit into the squares the size of the button.

button snake holes


And your Button Snake is ready for play.

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button snake fine motor skills

I like this homemade toy cause it may be used to practice  so many activities:

  • Recognize shapes
  • Counting pieces
  • Buttoning only same shape like squares, rounds or diamonds
  • Start with the side of the yellow button or vice versa
  • Choose hot or cold, bright or dark colors
  • Chose patterns (if you make one with different patterns)

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I’ve made just basic shapes using felt to make it simple. Actually as you may see on the pictures I made two snakes, one with squares only and one with shapes. If you have sewing machine you can use different kinds of fabric and patterns. Here is great tutorial  from Wildandwisdom for beautifully fabric snake button.

Take this toy wherever quiet activities are required, such as airplane, car, visiting doctor or whatever you think would be good option for quiet game. Many moms suggested just a regular zip bag for carrying it.

Other than the above mentioned activities Button Snake is also great activity for developing fine motor skills activities,  and learning buttons what is a great way to introduce kids skill to dress themselves.

It can also be made in different skill levels – for toddler with big button or little harder with a small button and smaller slits.

Snake related activities:

Happy play and learning, knowing not all the snakes are bad!

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Lily Zunic

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  1. SUZANNE | 6th Dec 21

    Hi! How wide is the ribbon you used? Thank you!

    • Lily Zunic | 27th Dec 21

      Hi Suzanne, about 1 inch, it does not really matter as long as the ribbon is thick enough to hold all of the buttons.

  2. Jessica Foster | 16th Nov 17

    Aw this is super cute! Super easy to make as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heather McMaster | 14th Nov 17

    I love crafts and activities like this. It is always great to keep my kids busy while also expanding their minds.

  4. Danie | 14th Nov 17

    This is adorable and can be fun to do as a project. I love the idea of doing this as a family maybe different colors for each kid

    • Lily Zunic | 14th Nov 17

      Danie, doing it in a different colours is a great idea. Thanks 🙂

  5. Tisha | 14th Nov 17

    This is extremely creative and seems like a genuinely simply DIY that anyone can recreate- I see a lot of daunting ‘easy’ DIYs haha but this looks really simple to follow- thanks for sharing!

    • Lily Zunic | 14th Nov 17

      You are welcome Tisha, it is very easy, cheap and quick project and in the end you get a great toy.

  6. Heather LeGuilloux | 14th Nov 17

    This looks like a great tactile toy to make to teach those very important motor skills in young children. Great post!

  7. Erika Ravnsborg | 14th Nov 17

    Good ideas. these look like fun to make

  8. Luke | 14th Nov 17

    That does seem pretty easy, I’ll have to remember this when I have a little one in need of toys!

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