Exciting Leaf Art Project Kids Will Think Is Magic

Inside:  Simple fall art project for kids of any age that is fun and engaging.

Nature is such amazing, full of interesting gifts that kids can explore, play with and use in many seasonal kids crafts, activities and art projects.

Leaf rubbings and leaf prints on a paper is one of them.

One of the simplest ways you can engage kids to make their little nature masterpiece and start learning about science, cause and effect. This is great fall activity for preschoolers to talk about changes in nature.

When we did this leaf rubbing art project with our little friends, girls were so amazed seeing leaf print appearing on the paper. They thought it is a magic.

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Fall art projects that kids think is a magic


  • leafs from nature (the more different types you find the better)
  • two piece of papers
  • old crayons that are in pieces
  • masking tape


Engage your child in to collecting leaves when going out to the park or walk. It is a great way to explore nature and different kinds of trees and shape of leafs. Not to mention colours.

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When you bring leaves home rinse them with water, make sure there is no bugs and let dry. After they dry out, leaves are ready for this simple art project kids will enjoy.

Nature arts and crafts for preschoolers using leaves and crayons

Set up all materials and invite your child.

Place sheet of the paper in front of him and ask to arrange leaves on it, smooth side down on paper and veiny side up and facing you.

When all leaves are set place gently another piece of paper on top of leaves.

Simple fall activities for kids and perfect nature art for preschoolers

Tape with piece of masking tape on sides so paper doesn’t slip off.

Show your child how to rub with piece of crayon. The best is it is set horizontally on the paper. That is also great practice for fine motor skills.

Fall arts for toddlers and preschoolers you can try out right now.

Encourage child to rub over whole paper using different colours.

Enjoy new fall art masterpiece. Talk about textures and shapes. Include books about autumn or changing seasons. Talk about why do leaves change colours.

To bring in more challenge and fun you can use different crayons and paper (like wax paper).

If you liked this idea of fall art projects for kids be so kind and share it with others.

Rubbing leaves fall art projects for kids. With no prep time required, collect some leaves from nature walk, take out crayons and you are all set for this simple fall arts for toddlers and preschoolers. Click to see more details. #fall #autumn #arts #crafts #naturecrafts #leaves



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