Easy To Make Felt Pig Craft With Free Printable

Looking for a quick and fun Sunday afternoon craft project for your kids? Felt pig craft is all of that and kids will love it.

We are now in Peppa Pig phase so we do all the projects that includes pigs. Fun, ha?

Pig Craft

You will need:

– pink and black felt
– goggly eyes
– paper roll
– glue
– scissors
Free printable pattern

Cut all the pieces out of the felt. For head you may use printed pattern on just something round from the house. Like I used little plate.


Cut paper role in about one inch ( has to match that long pink felt piece).

Now that you have all pieces you can assemble your piggy. Glue little round pink circle of felt to top of paper role and place it in the middle of circle, which is head. Glue carefully and add black dots in the middle.

Glue black felt triangles in the middle of each ear and place them on the back side of head. In the end glue eyes and little Pig Craft project is done.



Leave it to you child to play on his own, using imagination. Another great way to play with it is for felt board stories.  If you make three of these you can play fun Three little piggies story. You can make your own felt board easily in jus a few minutes.  Already have felt board? Great! Check these Felt Board Stories with free printables and verses.

If you want some more craft animals check out this Simple Cotton Balls Sheep Craft.


Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.

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