How To Make Fun Rainbow Painted Rocks

Preview: Steps how to make easy and fun painted rocks and get neat stacking rainbow toy that kids will play with.

Before we have had kids the only child in our family was my husbands nephew. And that little guy have had a tons of toys, always the best branded toy sets, newest cars, the biggest construction sets. Whatever he wanted, he got it.

Totally wrong if you ask me.

Once my husband made a joke that kids are satisfied and can play if you give them some ordinary object. Like empty plastic bottle. Well, everyone laughed so hard to that idea. We are laughing to that anecdote today when we have kids on our own.

Guess why?

Our kids love to play with empty plastic bottle, from baby to toddlerhood. If we fill it half with a water, or full with coloured water the better. Glitter? Even better. Sand? Wow, look at that.  Each time that bottle gets filled with a new content – it becomes the best new toy ever. And no one is sorry to toss it away when kids lose interest in it.

This painted rocks idea that you will see here today is one of those toys. You will turn ordinary rocks in to beautiful painted stones and besides with all that painting fun, they will have fun playing with it after.

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Fun Rainbow Painted Rocks That Invites To Play

This painted rocks craft is a perfect project for toddler, preschooler or kindergartener as it can be many “toys” and serve so many pretend play ideas.

My daughter is just playing with them while I write this. From my intention to make a rainbow stacking toy she now plays puzzles arranging them one next to another And there is so many more ideas only your child can imagine.

Materials you will need: 

  • rocks in different sizes you collected on a nature walk ( about dozen but more you have the better)
  • acrylic paint rainbow set  colours
  • paint brush
  • Mod Podge spray sealer (optional)

rock painting ideas for kids - rainbow acrylic paint


Wash out rocks in a soapy water, rinse and let them dry.

Choose different sizes so they can be easily stacked and sorted from the biggest to smaller size.

Group rock by size, about 2-3 in each group.

Get group of the biggest rocks and paint them in red.

Next choose slightly smaller size and paint them in orange.

And continue with smaller one, painting next one in yellow, green, blue and violet.

Let the painted rocks dry.

rock paintig for preschooler


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After they are dry you can apply coat or two spray Mod podge sealant which will keep them smooth, water resistant and prevent paint chiping.

And play can start.

easy rock painting ideas stacking toy



I bet your children will find at least ten ways of how to play with this rainbow painted stones, and here are just few of them:

  • rainbow stacker
  • counting
  • colour sorting
  • pretend food in a mud kitchen



TIP: after your child lost interest in playing with these painted rocks you can up-cycle them and use for new rock activities or by drawing objects or characters from his favourite story  (from Little Fish blog) that you can use for story time.

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Easy and fun painted rocks for children. With this rock craft you will get rainbow stacking toy that is totally inexpensive. Plus your kids will find at least ten other ways for playing with painted stones.Click for tutorial.


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