Cute And Simple Paper Plate Craft For 3 Year Old: Fish Aquarium

Inside: Quick and simple paper plate aquarium craft for big and small kids,  perfect craft for 3 year olds and up.

This project is a perfect craft for 3 year olds that you can make together or ideal for bigger kids as an independent project. For example, it is one of the crafts for 8 year olds that would work great for sleep over or a birthday party. 

With simple materials and  a few fun steps, this creative project for kids will do great for developing fine motor skills. Paper plate crafts are always hit, plus, your child will enjoy designing his own aquarium creative project.

So let’s get started.

Paper plate aquarium craft



  1. Paint inside of paper plate with blue ocean reef acrylic or tempera paint. Let it dry.Paper plate craft painting fish aquarium
  2. Apply glue with a brush on one side of the plate that will be a sea bottom. Sprinkle generously with sand over the glue. Shake well and gently press sand with fingers so it sticks well. Remove excess sand.
  3. While glue and sand are drying prepare seaweed and corals.DIY seaweed and coral ocean craft


4. Cut srips of green crepe paper in about 0,4 inches to 5-6 inches long. Fold each paper stripe in half and make seaweed out of  two or three pieces.

5. Use a green pipe cleaner to make another piece of seaweed.

Prepare two pipe cleaners, one approximately 4 inches long and another one a bit smaller. Fold it in half and gently fold pipe cleaner around wooden stick making a spiral. It is not supposed to be a perfect spiral so you may wanna stretch it a bit and modify with fingers to look more natural.
Make the same with another pipe cleaner. Connect at the bottom and leave aside.

6. Make corals out of a red pipe cleaner using the same technique as for the pipe cleaner seaweed.

7. Arrange all the pieces on the paper plate and see how it looks. Glue them at the bottom.

8. Glue fishes and mini seashells.

goldfish craft ideas paper plate aquarium

You can make several paper plate fish aquariums and make a little exhibition. You could also use it for imaginative play by visiting the aquarium. Whatever play your child chooses, fun is guaranteed.

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Paper plate fish aquarium craft for 3 year olds



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