How To Sew Fabric Quiet Book Page For A Ring Binder

Inside: Find step by step tutorial how to make fabric quiet book page for a ring binder covers.

With these instructions you will be able to easily sew reinforced fabric pages and make your quiet book from start to the end. Binding quiet book in to a ring binder makes it practical because you can add pages as your child grows and add more activities after he loses interest in to old pages. Also you can sew in pages all together with covers and get compact book. Both have pros and cons, but for more about quiet book tips and tricks visit my Quiet Book Guide.

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How To Sew Stiff Fabric Quiet Book Page With Binder Ring Holes

Materials you will need for 9×9 inches quiet book page :

  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric in 9.5 x 9.5 inches size (after sewing page size will be 9 x 9 inches, means 0.5 inches is seam allowance)
  • 2 pieces 8.5 x 8.5 inches square of fusible interfacing
  • 2 eyelets and eyelet tool
  • iron
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • 2 activities for pages of your choice (I used button flowers pattern and football ball pattern that are great for beginners too)
  • ruler or sewing gauge
  • cardboard to make binding template (optional)


Bonus: Download a free worksheet to plan your quiet book. Quiet Book Worksheet to plan your busy book from very beginning. Plan quiet book pages, kids activities for fine mototr skills, theme pages and colour scheme. Click for free download.



Simple steps of how to make fabric quiet book pages. Click for detailed instructions.

1. Cut two square fabric pieces ( 9.5 x 9.5 inches)  and cut two pieces of fusible interfacing (8.5 x 8.5 inches square ). Fusible interfacing is used to reinforce page and make it sturdier. If you wish, instead of fusible interfacing you can use one piece of quilting batting in a same dimensions. When using batting, page will be a little bit thicker  (that depends on a batting thickness) and soft. I normally use 0.2 inches thick polyester or wool batting.If you wish to have very stiff page use high loft fusible fleece  instead regular medium weight interfacing.

TIP: cut cardboard in a quiet book page dimensions and use it as a template to make all your pages instead of measuring every page separately. Simply place cardboard on fabric and trace with a washable pen. Same goes for fusible web.

2.  Iron on fusible web on to the back of quiet book page fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Mark where binding holes will come, that will allow you to place objects on a pages that won’t interfere with a binding.

marking binder holes for rings with cardboard template. Click to see instructions and download free template.

For this purpose I made template out of cardboard that I use over and over and there is no mistakes, all pages have binder holes in a same distances.

On photo above I marked measurements on a cardboard size 2 x 9,5 inches.

4. In this step you will sew activities of your choice. You can access free patterns from my free printable library. If you want to use patterns from this tutorial follow links to my Etsy shop: Button Flowers and Lacing Football Ball  (both patterns come with instructions and printable PDF sewing pattern).

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5. When you are all done with page activities you will sew two pages together.
Place both fabric pages facing each other with a right side.

6. Sew all around leaving about 10 inches opening.

Leave a hole on one side of a page so you can turn it inside out

7. Cut corners if you wish to have nice corners or leave if you want them to be slightly round.

8. Reverse fabric page inside out.

9. Sew all the way around your page to close opening and to reinforce edges.

10. Make holes on a marked place and install eyelets using eyelet tool.

Hole puncher for fabric

I use fabric hole puncher and install metal eyelets with eyelet pliers.

After this step  you are all done. Your page is ready to play with or to be inserted in a ring binder.

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Tutorial on how to sew quiet book page with holes for rings. Click for steps.

Follow this simple photo tutorial for making a fabric quiet book page that you can bind . with rings. Click for instructions.


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    This is the best tutorial for constructing the pages themselves (not the activities on them) that I have found thus far.

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