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Did you ever think to make a quiet book for your kid? But never had enough time? Didn’t know where or how to start?

Well, let me help you make that first step. Withfree printable template, you can start right away and create your first DIY quiet book plus you may refer to ultimate guide and find out all you need to know about quiet books.

mother hen with chicks activity book page

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It is true, making a quiet book is not an easy job, also it’s time-consuming but it’s really worth making one for your little ones because it provides great toddler activities. If you love to be creative and make homemade toys than this is a project for you.

No matter if you don’t know how to sew.

Today patterns can be designed, cut from felt (as felt doesn’t fray) and glued. So you can have a quiet book made no-sew, without a single stitch.

I often hear people say they still have their quiet book from childhood. The cloth book can’t be torn or eaten. It can be accidentally damaged but you’ll always be able to fix it. That is why quiet books are so precious unique toys and can last for many, many years, even a few generations.

Easter quiet book pattern and tutorial for sewing quiet book pages

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quiet book for toddlers - the ultimate guide about quiet books

How to bind quiet book pages

I was very lucky to find a great tutorial on how to make a quiet book when I wanted to make my first busy book for my nephew. Vanesa G. at the ‘Lella Boutique’ blog showed a very simple way to put all pages together into a book. I would recommend that you follow Vanesa’s simple instructions.

How to make Quiet Book Pages

On her blog, you can also find a tutorial for a beautiful Baby Boy Texture Book.

Bonus: Download a free worksheet to plan your quiet book.

The only disadvantage when you sew it that way you always have to do an equal number of pages by four; 4, 8, 12, 16, etc.

As I found many quiet book patterns and ideas all over the internet I haven’t use any patterns. I like to cut shapes on the go. That is what makes my books different from one of another.  But I’ve decided to make templates inspired with so many moms wanted to make their own quiet book.

I hope I can inspire you too by providing free patterns. Now when you have an idea of how to make pages for your book, let’s start with your first 2 pages.

Download your free printable Mother hen with chicks page: grab your free patterns


Materials I use for sewing this quiet book page:

TIP: you may print the template on freezer paper which will simplify the whole process of cutting. I have explained how to use freezer paper in this post – Secret how to perfectly cut felt  

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Mother Hen with Chicks quiet book page

Toddlers love little yellow, snugly baby chicks. Not just because they are so cute, but they can relate themselves with other babies.

A quiet book is a great developmental toy and in this case, Mother Hen quiet book page will provide a great introduction to farm animals with many other benefits.

Quiet Book Ideas and free templates for making Quiet Book

To make quiet book page Mother Hen with three little baby chicks you can use free printable.

For making hen’s body I sometimes use dark cotton fabric, but usually, I will just use Felt 1.5 mm thick for everything because it is so easy to work with it.

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The pattern will perfectly fit dimensions 8×9 inches of each page.
When you are planning book pages you can cut fabric in 16 x 9 inches size.

Your baby will not only enjoy playing with it but learn many developmental skills. Playing with mommy hen and putting her babies under the wing can help your child to feel more safe and secure as he can relate to the idea of being protected by his mommy.

busy book mother hen page


The idea of these activity pages will also help your toddler:

      • learn the concept of a family
      • learn imitate animal noises, ‘chip-chip’ like little chicks and ‘puck-puck’ like mother hen
      • develop fine motor skills placing little chicks in and out
      • learn to count
      • encourage imaginative play
      • encourage extended play with little chicks

A fun way to use the quiet book for storytime

While playing you can help your baby to identify with the animals by singing rhymes. It is so much more fun. It also introduces your baby to rhythm and music. I’ve found The Baby Chick song you’re gonna love it:


The Baby Chick

Baby chicks are singing
Pio, Pio, Pio
Mama we are hungry
Mama we are cold.

Mama looks for wheat
Mama looks for corn
Mama feeds them dinner
Mama keeps them warm.

Under mama’s wings
Sleeping in the hay
Baby chicks all huddle
Until the next day.

mother hen with chicks activity book page 2

Finger puppets would be great to make too.  Like those from the photo which I made in my new Easter Quiet Book.

Easter Quiet Book Chicks Finger Puppet

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your first DIY quiet book page. I would like to see your work so please keep me posted about your progress.  If you liked this page please share it on social media.

Bonus: Download a free worksheet to plan your quiet book.

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Mother hen with chicks quiet book page made of felt. Click to find free printable.


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  1. Mihaela | 9th Nov 15

    This is pretty cool! I wish I could sew! 😉

    • Lily Zunic | 9th Nov 15

      Thanks Mihaela. You can make amazing things no sew, using felt and glue, if sewing is not an option.

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