Easter Quiet Book For Toddlers Packed With Felt Finger Puppets And Easter Activities

Inside: Wonderful ideas for Easter quiet book that you can make on your own, filled with spring activities and finger puppets to take along wherever you go. 

While we’re all impatiently waiting for spring to come and going outside for play, Easter Quiet Book may help to pass the time playing spring activities and pretend play with felt finger puppets. Ideal for quiet time play at home, it is also perfect quiet travel time game or quiet play at church.

Easter quiet book has activity pages for play, learning and developing fine motor skills great for a toddler. Felt bunny finger puppet and little chicks finger puppets will inspire hours of imaginative play. Easter egg hunt will help your child practice problem-solving skills, learn colors and counting.

Scroll down and peek into Easter quiet book that I’ve made for my daughter when she was a toddler.

For quiet book pages I’ve made in this book I’ve also created sewing pattern with assembling instructions so anyone with basic sewing skills can make it on his own.

Easter Quiet Book

Quiet book pages included in Easter quiet book:

  • cover page with a removable felt bunny puppet
  • bunnies and carrots Tic Tac Toe game
  • garden page with removable carrots
  • hide and seek Easter egg hunt in a garden with a removable felt basket and felt eggs (2 pages)
  • mother hen
  • three felt hatching eggs with felt chick finger puppets
  • Easter weaving basket (cover page)

Easter quiet book is a unique piece of work that you can make completely on your own using tutorial and sewing pattern.

Easter quiet book pattern and tutorial for sewing quiet book pages

Easter Quiet Book – Activity pages for learning and play

As always, when choosing kids activities and making our own homemade toys I strive to include an element of learning whenever is possible. That way our toys become meaningful tool. Learning through play is wonderful way to teach a child, which also encourage creativity.

To give this Easter quiet book more interesting element for imaginative play I added felt finger puppets.

easter bunny finger puppet activity book

Easter bunny finger puppet has a velcro attachment, so it can easily be removed from the cover page and play through whole book.  Bunny can join three little chicks play who are also made as finger puppets.

Easter Quiet Book Chicks Finger Puppet

Or felt bunny puppet can have a snack in garden where nice orange carrots grow. Child can plant them in the garden, pick them in a basket and feed the bunny.

Easter Bunny may take a rest while Tic Tac Toe game is over. He can enjoy cheering his buddies. So fun!

Easter Activity Book

Carrots and Bunnies in Tic tac toe game are also attached with velcro so they are secured and can stay on a place while busy book is carried around.

Easter tic tac toe bunnies vs carrots

And here we come to the spring garden activity page. The most fun Easter game for any child – Easter Egg Hunt, with little felt eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book

Felt basket can be removed from the page, it is perfect size for little fingers and Egg Hunt can begin! Eggs are hiding behind many ‘felt pockets’ on these two quiet book pages.

Felt Easter Basket from Quiet Book

When Easter bunny become tired and go for a nap, little fingers can have fun weaving Easter basket full of eggs. Edges on this basket are secured with velcro so this game always stays on its place.

easter basket activity book


You may make chick finger puppets too from that pattern if you leave opening for fingers on the bottom.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour through Easter Quiet Book.

Happy Easter!


Easter quiet book and sewing pattern tutorial

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Dianne | 19th Mar 18

    How do I obtain this
    Easter QuietBook Pattern
    Thanks for your help

    • Lily Zunic | 19th Mar 18

      Hi Dianne, thanks for reaching out for me. Unfortunately I do not yet have pattern for the whole Easter quiet book. You can find pattern for Mother hen with chicks here and Bunny rabbit finger puppet pattern + tutorial here. Hope that helps.

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