Here is the secret how to cut felt easy way

Preview: Find out the best way to cut felt – easily and precisely. This will be a game-changer for you and your felt craft project will finally look stunning. 

How many times did you try to cut out felt and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted to?
Have you ever wonder what would be the best way to cut felt shapes for your craft projects?
Is there an easy way even for those teeny tiny pieces?

Yes, there is a way how to cut felt perfect and it is so simple that you may think how could you not know about it.

I have struggled with this for a long time in the beginning.  I would print out the pattern, cut it and transfer to a felt with an erasable pen. That process worked fine, but it was time-consuming, which was kinda frustrating. Eventually, I stopped using patterns for my quiet books – I would just take scissors, piece of felt and cut it from my head.  Sometimes it required lots of ‘fixing’ or ’starting over’.

Doing it for years now, I still cut objects for my quiet books without a pattern, I only use patterns for complex objects and activities. I also wrote about Sewing with felt for beginners which may help you choose the right thread and needle for sewing felt.

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However,  I still do lots of sewing DIY projects for my kids when I will use pattern and that is why this secret of cutting felt was a huge game-changer for me:

  • it is super quick and easy
  • I got perfect shapes especially if I need more pieces of the same shape

Perfect felt crafts – Secret of cutting felt in 5 simple steps

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For perfectly cut felt you will need  Freezer Paper which is an amazing product. And beside felt you can also use Freezer paper for cutting appliqués on other fabric. I find it useful whenever I need to transfer patterns on a piece of fabric or felt.

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secret of cutting felt- felt crafts This post may contain affiliate links.

Please note:  Freezer Paper is not the same as baking or wax paper. The freezing paper has on the shiny side (plastic coated), and one dull. Dull is the one you want to trace or print your pattern, and shiny coated is the on that will melt and stick to felt or fabric under the heat of iron.


1.  Cut freeze paper in a sheet size 8×11 inches and place it in a printer. The dull side is the one you want your print. Insert the paper in your printer the same way you would insert regular paper and print your pattern.

TIP: You also may trace the pattern with pen on a dull side if you don’t have a printer or if you are making patterns on your own.

2.  Cut pattern shapes roughly around the line.

3. Place pattern on a felt (or a fabric) – shiny side down –  and iron it (medium hot).

cutting felt tips

TIP: Don’t use the hottest setting as it can melt felt and it may stick to your iron. I suggest putting thin cotton fabric over the whole piece of felt and you will avoid any potential issues with this.

4. Cut along pattern lines

5. Peal off the freezer paper.

TIP:  You can use the same freeze paper shape a few times in a row as it won’t lose it’s stickies right away.


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This simple strategy improved my felt crafts and I am happy to share it with you now. I find this felt tip is the best way to cut felt, felt shapes, fabric or any other craft project that require to trace a pattern on a felt.

I hope you will enjoy it in your further DIY projects and have perfectly cut felt, even for those teeny tiny pieces.

If you like this simple way of how to cut felt shapes be so kind and share it with your friends who may benefit from it too.

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The best way to cut felt easy way. This is gonna be a life changer for you. Your felt craft projects will finally look stunning with perfectly cut pieces.


Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. PETRINA | 5th Mar 23

    why didn’t I think of cutting the freezer paper and putting it in the printer, so simple when you think about it.

  2. Lupe | 12th Jan 23

    I bought your helpful book for making my very first quiet book. Finding all kinds of tips.

    • Lily Zunic | 12th Jan 23

      How wonderful, thank you! Enjoy your journey!

  3. Rita | 13th Feb 22

    Thank you so much! This Grammy learned a new trick!! The felt seems to be a shape shifter and my mirrored pieces were not.

  4. Debbie Strack | 20th Dec 21

    Thanks for the great tip

  5. Kat Richman | 20th Apr 19

    THANK YOU! What a great trick ?. I made 30 swan headpieces for my 7 yr olds school play (the ugly duckling) That’s 30 little black faces and 30 orange beaks! I am SO GLAD I found your post; it kept me from driving myself crazy cutting out so many tiny pieces the wrong way! Faces and beaks were then sewn onto a teardrop shaped hat and feathers and google eyes were added. They turned out SO cute! Thanks again, I will alway remember this trick.

    • Lily Zunic | 19th Aug 19

      So glad it helped you. It’s really simple but tremendous help for little pieces.

  6. Sue | 20th Mar 18

    Omgosh, how I wish I knew about the iron on feature of the freezer paper months ago! I just finished the pages of my first quiet book and what a struggle.

    • Lily Zunic | 22nd Mar 18

      You are not alone Sue 🙂 This little trick is so simple, yet just few people knows about it. Well, you can use it from now on and spread the word.

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