Simple Nature Crafts For Kids: Make Stunning Nature Bracelet

Inside: Learn how to make beautiful nature bracelet using colorful objects from nature.

You know how we made daisy chains when we were little girls and pretended to be fairies or princesses decorated with the most beautiful flowers? Well, nature bracelet is even more fun and will be a perfect activity for girls to play in a nature walk.

You can make nature bracelet outside while walking in the park, or you can collect objects and do nature crafts once when you get home.  This idea is inspired with activities from the resourceful book 101 things for kids to do outside from Dawn Isaac. Her goal is to encourage children to play more outside with fresh ideas and activities for a whole year long. You can read a book review here if you are interested to find out more.

Making nature bracelet is a perfect activity for day trips, picnics, and camping. While boys can explore bugs, this little ‘make me pretty’ activity might be ‘girls only’. Off course, boys are invited to.


How To Make Make Stunning Nature Bracelet With Simple Colourful Objects Form Nature

One morning on our walk we gathered nice flowers, leaves, tiny branches, still green fruits and after the walk we set up craft activity at home.

Materials you need:


Wrap masking tape (or any other tape you have on hand) around the wrist until it overlaps to form a ring. Put sticky side on the outside.

Stick objects from nature on a tape.

Learn how to make beautiful nature bracelet with kids. One of the best simple nature crafts for kids you can do outside on a nature walk or camping. Click to learn how to make it.

You may choose colour theme, or make a range of colours.

My daughter got really into it and it was more fun for her to build it and use different objects on different bracelets, even more than wear them.

Anything you choose it will be a neat natural piece of jewelry that will make your day. And don’t forget to make daisy chains either, something that every little nature princess or fairy has to have.

If you liked this nature craft, please take a moment and share it. Next time on a nature walk collect objects from nature and make beautiful nature bracelets. Click to see more details

Simple and fun nature crafts for kids. Nature bracelets are perfect for summer outdoor activities and nature walks. Click to see how to make one
Nature bracelets are ideal for little ones who love craft on their own. Easy to make and for girls of any age. Click for details.

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