Natural Autumn Mobile with DIY Pinecone Gnomes

It seems like autumn is inviting us to play with its beautiful colourful fruits. I find it very inspiring season. Maybe because I feel like it is last chance to go out and enjoy before long white mother winter comes. I thought nature inspired autumn mobile will be perfect way to bring little of that wonderful  feeling to my daughters bedroom. Lately we have trouble to put her sleep so maybe mobile will help to calm her little overwhelmed brain.


Natural Autumn Mobile


It is very easy to make and for me it took 30 minutes to put everything together after I had all supplies.

For this autumn Waldorf inspired mobile you’ll need:

  • 4 pinecones ( before use bake them in the oven for 45 minutes at 400F to dry and debug them)
  • 4 felt balls for gnome heads (you can make your own or use wooden balls instead)
  • felt of your choice for gnome hats
  • natural colour thread ( I use divided embroidery thread)
  • hot glue
  • some leaves from nature
  • branch for mobile 10-15 inches long (make sure it is dry)
  • coloured pens for eyes and mouth – optional


supplys needed for natural mobile

First you wanna make hats for your gnomes. Cut felt in a shape shown in the picture below.  I used balls diameter 0.5 inch and piece of felt was three times longer, 1.5 inch. Make cone shape around finger and sew edges together till top. Watch your fingers 😉


DIY gnome hat

Felt gnome hat

After you made hats put your little gnomes together. Glue felt balls on bottom of pinecone and then hat on top.

Felt gnome head

DIY Pinecone Gnome

At this point you can make eyes and mouth with coloured pens. Or you can leave their faces empty which will give your child opportunity to imagine their facial expressions. It’s up to you. I’ve decided to put faces as I’ve just get my new pens so wanted to dry them out.

Autumn Felt Pinecone Gnomes

Put thread with node in the end through gnomes hat using needle as on photo and leave thread a bit longer than you would want them to hang. It will be easier to tie them on branch later on.

DIY Autumn Gnome Mobile

Tie leaves carefully so you don’t break them.

DIY Autumn nature mobile

Finally, tie your gnomes and leaves on branch. There are no easy steps to tell how to balance your mobile,  as it depends on length of your branch, pinecone size etc. You’ll have to play until you find right balance.

diy nature mobile

Hang you natural autumn mobile and enjoy this little peace of nature in your home.

Nature Mobile Kids Decoration

What autumn crafts you’ve made this season? I would love to hear what are yours favourite this autumn decorations.

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