Unique Gift for Toddlers – Quiet Book

When it comes to gift giving we always want to find best possible personalized gift to show how much we care and love. We usually find very hard to choose toys for our kids when they have so many toys sitting around. Or what to give to kid who has everything? If you are looking for unique gift for your toddler Quiet Book might be great choice.

Gender neutral quiet book

Wherever your child has to be quiet and occupied, quiet book will be handy. I already wrote about how beneficial quiet books are, so I’m not gonna repeat myself here, just wanna point out there is many developmental and learning skill child can learn playing with quiet book.

Today I’m gonna share with you some of the most popular pages from my gender neutral quiet books.

Quiet Book Whale Page

Whale with zipper mouth and little felt fishes which make fun play and also provide fine motor skill development. Learning  to zip will give your toddler satisfaction to dress himself.

Shoe Lace Quiet Book Page

Shoe lace and tying a bow is also one of essentials skills your baby is gonna learn to dress himself. Skill that they will use for a lifetime.

Laundry Matching Socks Quiet Book Page

Washing laundry is fun page which gives your baby opportunity to do what mommy does 🙂 Hours of play by placing  laundry in to wasting machine and matching socks by colour.

garden quiet book page

My most popular page is a garden with carrots. Some of pages I’ve made with bush and bunny hidden inside. Toddler can have his own little garden and grow carrots, count them or feed bunny. It is great for learning what does the sun do and what happens when cloud comes. Carrots are completely removable and can be pulled out from soil.

Quiet Book Apple Tree

Along with garden page  usually comes apple tree. This page has five apples attached with velcro. I may or may not place numbers on apples but your toddler can still learn counting by picking apples and putting them in to basket.

These are only few most popular pages I usually make in my quiet books, you can find more photos in my Etsy shop. All removable pieces are made of double layer of felt so they are sturdy and  durable. Pieces that peek out from page are double stitched to avoid any cracking. However, there are small pieces so adult supervision is always needed.

If you like the idea of quiet books you can start making your own using free templates or if you want you may order from my Etsy shop personalized book of 8 or 12 pages. In case you have an idea of specific themed book I’ll be happy to design it for you.


If you have any questions you are welcome to leave it in comments bellow.


Lily Zunic

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