ABC baby activity book


Peek into little ABC activity baby book, custom-made with baby’s name, and objects on pages that are matching each letter from his name.


ABC baby activity book

This little custom book was real refreshment for me. I made a couple of new pages so baby’s letters from name could match the objects from the page. Lady who wanted the book said she wants book with baby’s name on cover and then pages to match each letter for name ‘Gabriel’.


After we talked over Etsy, she decided to go with farm theme.


And we defined objects for the pages:

G – goat
A – apple (with flap)
B – barn
R – rabbit on a string, hiding in a bush
I – indian corn
E – egg with little baby chick finger puppet
L – lamb (cover)

The most enjoyable object to make was Indian corn. To tell you little secret, before this lady told me she wants ‘I’ as an Indian corn I didn’t even know that colourful corn was named that way.  So what I did to make corn was something I don’t usually put in my books   – I felted thread combining wool (using wet felting technique) to get right corn colours. When it dried I have cut it in four pieces, placed corn husk on fabric and roughly shaping corn on top. With needle and black thread I stitched  felted wool to look like kernel.  Look really beautiful and it has that nice structure like no other object from the book.

Felted indian corn

And here are the rest of  the pages:







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ABC personalized baby book with child's name


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