How To Make Paint Palette Made Of Milk Caps

This simple idea of Up-cycled DIY Paint Palette is awesome! Made of milk caps and old container lid, it is done in just 5-10 minutes. And arts and crafts for kids can start.


Up-cycled DIY Paint Palette – tutorial

DIY up-cycled painter's palette for kids

You will need:

– old round container lid (I used one from frog tape)
– milk caps (number depending of size of your lid)
– glue gun
– scalpel
– fire lighter

Materials needed for Up-cycled Paint Palette


Carefully cut a hole on one side and burn edges with lighter. You wanna burn edges to avoid possible cuts on sharp plastic. Mine hole is not perfectly round, but hey, it works just the way it is.


Glue caps with glue gun round the container edge.

tutorial up- cycled painter's palette for kids crafts and arts

And your Up-cycled DIY Paint Palette is ready for use. Fill it with paint and arts and crafts can begin.

DIY up-ycled palette for kids

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