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Little scary voice roared behind me and I jumped high with a scream. My heart was beating like crazy and I could feel goosebumps all over my body.  And then –  loud contagious laugh. Both, me and my daughter, holding little ghost in her hands, start laughing like crazy, how funny that scene was.

We laugh about it whole breakfast and still when I think about that morning  I have a big smile on my face – I mean, how little is needed to scare me

  • little child
  • cutest little Booo!  and
  • not even a real ghost

This is why we love crafting together

Every morning when I am able to get up earlier than my toddler (i.e. she slept in) I sneak to the kitchen to make coffee and tea and do as much as I can before our busy day starts.

Each time, on those mornings, she will come down from her room silently with little cheesecloth ghost that we made together for last year Halloween and say scarry:


And every time I jump high with a frightened scream. It is easy to scare me when I’m all in my morning ‘tasks’ talking with myself in my head what is my to-do list for today.

But nothing was the first time she did it.

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Making crafts that later on become our toys is something that makes us both happy.

Especially as a mom, to see that my effort is worthwhile. I always try to find something that will blow up her imagination and be simple enough that will encourage open-ended games. We, of course, have crafts that in the end finish in the garbage, but I love the ones that she chooses to play later on and uses in her imaginative play, like painted ladybug stones or paper bag puppets.


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At this moment we are kinda lacking a bit of our crafty time due to all changes in our life. We still do crafts but not as much we used to.  So I reached for the place where I can find everything handmade, including themed preschool printables that lately I rely on if I need some extra time for myself.

Searching for open-ended Halloween toys I found tons of super cute and spooky Halloween stuff for kids and babies that I wanted to share with you. Not just toys, but cute Halloween outfits, sweets,  toys and shirts for the whole family.

If you are a busy mom like me and looking for spooky goofy entertainment or Halloween gifts you will love those picks from So this post actually becomes more ‘where’  than ‘how’ to find perfect Halloween gifts.


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Spooky and Cute Halloween Gifts – Picks from

Handcrafted Halloween Cookies 

halloween cookiesThis content may contain affiliate links.

Custom Trick or Treat Bag

custom trick or treat bag

Busy Halloween Board With personalized Name

busy board halloween, sensory board toy


My First Halloween Outfit – girl

my first halloween girl


Cutest Pumpkin in The Patch 

pumpkin outfit cutest pumpkin


Ghost Family Shirt 

ghost family shirt

Super cute ghost baby shirt

gost baby shirt

Funny Baby Onesie 

funny baby halloween onesie

Kids Halloween Party Flyer

Halloween Kids Party Flyer

This is obviously just a sneak peek that is out there on Before I started to be ‘regular’ on their website I couldn’t even imagine how creative people can be or what beautiful products can they design. It is enough to say, I never leave empty hands.

… speaking of empty hands… I’m holding that little ghost, that is not even a real ghost, and laughing, how little things, that on first sight seem so insignificant, can make our life magical.

If you loved these spooky picks visit to find perfect tailored Halloween gifts and please share this post.

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I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Cristina | 26th Oct 17

    I love punplkins, ghosts vampires – I LOVE everything Halloween!!! I’m a grown up but still I go mad about it!

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