This Is The Best Toy To Make Toddler Fall In Love Into Fruits And Veggies

What if you can make your toddler to eat fruits and veggies without whining? I would say yes! Tell me how!  Well, there is a way to make them more open to an idea of eating healthy if you make it fun and entertaining. With this soft and colourful little activity book, filled with fruits and veggies you can definitely start.  Variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in this activity book will provide fun way to learn, expand vocabulary and make them fall in love into fruits and veggies.

Fruits and Veggies Activity Book

A while ago I received a request to make three little activity books. For babies I usually design sensory books with cotton pages but items inside with different fabrics to give a lot of touch and feel opportunities for sensory exploration.

To make baby appropriate activity book was a bit a challenge for me. When I decided that it will have many flaps I had to design it with few things on my mind. I had to think of how to make it baby proof and minimize any possible risk. Taught that fruits and veggies theme will be colorful enough and will allow me to use different kinds of fabric for sensory exploration while using flaps.

First one I made it was on french language and 8 pages.

Les fruis et legumes

I have put strawberries on front cover, flap apple and pear, flap avocado with 3D seed, grapes, peas in a pod, carrot and orange cut in a half on back covers.

felt flap apple and pear fruit in baby activity book

felt avocado baby sensory book


felt peas in pod activity book

I especially like that orange fabric, makes such a perfect match to orange half.

Orange half activity book

I loved the result in the end.

So later,  I wanted to expand it by adding more fruits, more veggies and I also worked on covers.

fruits and veggies activity book

I added eggplant, watermelon and two pieces that I am especially proud of: 3D banana which you can take out of peel and green lettuce.

I takes around 45 minutes to make lettuce but it is worth. In middle is little bump filled with polyester fill and it looks so real.

Now I can tell that I am very satisfied how it looks, as well as little ones and their parents.


If you would like to have this little Fruits and Veggies activity book, either 8 or 12 pages, please visit my Etsy shop to make an order.


Fruits and veggies activity book with felt cupcake and ccokies


Lily Zunic

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