Handmade gifts that will delight your children

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Choosing toys for children my be daunting task – what to choose from zillion toys that are available on market, and the most important, what give to a child who already have full house of toys that are just sitting around? In this gift guide find great ideas for imaginative play gifts, educational toys, musical instruments, kids crafts gift ideas and building and construction toys. Choosing one of this Eco-friendly handmade Christmas gifts and toys you will blow child’s imagination and boost their development.


 Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Christmas Gifts For Children


When buying toys I always ask myself  three questions: how beautiful it is, is it open ended, and will it inspired creative play. You can never go wrong choosing toy based on your answers.  Having those there questions on my mind I picked for you the best Eco-friendly handcrafted Christmas gifts  for children and divided them in to four categories to make it easier for you.  List is made of items found on Etsy.com , handcrafted mostly by small businesses and/or talented individuals and you can be sure they are produced with love and care.

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Imaginative Play Gifts

Vivid felt set of vegetables – for pretend eat only. Every child would love to play with it in a  Play Shop, Play Cafe or Play Kitchen.
(Mummymadeitme: CA$34.22, buy here.)
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tool felt set gift for boys

Simple tool set of three made of cotton fabric and wool blend for young handy mans that will not destroy your furniture.
(AButtonAndAStitch: CA$40.21, buy here.)

Car toy play mat is must have for boys. This mat is foldable , easy to store or take wherever you go and will provide hours of play.
( Mummalovesyou: CA$13.69, buy here.)


All natural, this play tree provides a wonderful environment for creative play and is safe to taste too, which makes great toy for young toddler gift.
(HappyBungalow : CA$166.37, buy here. )


Great activity and developmental toy Quiet book  would be perfect for a toddler or preschooler. Can be totally custom made depending on child’s interests.
(VividLeaf, CA$165.00+, buy here.)

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Educational Gifts

Beautifully handcrafted water gnomes Waldorf toy, perfect for homeschoolers.
(Zooble: CA$38.13+, buy here.)
Made with Eco – friendly felt, this counting game makes learning numbers both educational and fun. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.( AnnsCraftHouse: CA$20.80, buy here.)
Wooden lacing toy to practice fine motor skills and lacing, lovely Montessori inspired all natural solid wood toy.
(RedBarnToys: CA$23.55, buy here.)
 Wooden leaf puzzle made of different kinds of wood, every leaf matches tree breed and comes with colour coding. Great learning toy for little nature lovers.
MamumaBird: CA$52.73,  buy here. )

Musical Toys

Clacking castanet available in a range of stunning colors would be great addition to musical set, also makes perfect stocking.
(TinocchioToys; CA$11.80, buy here.)
Must have set of  maracas, no mater of age. Love the idea that they are made of Eco- friendly wood and have gentle rattle sound, which is suitable for babies too.
( WoodenOKshop; CA$19.43, buy here.)
Always great choice is musical set. This set comes with four instruments and with personalized engraved box base.
DarklingDesigns10; CA$51.39, buy here.)

Kids Crafts and Handmade Christmas gifts Made by Kids

kids s
My first sewing kit – with all they need to learn sewing.
(Zooble, CA$20.82, buy here. )

wooden truck crayon holder

This wooden crayon holder won’t be sitting in the bottom of the toy box.
(RusticBearWoodworks; CA$55.44, buy here.)

peg dolls painting set

Lovely set of peg dolls, with all they need to paint their favorite figurines, this gift won’t sit aside. After painting is done dolls will be wonderful addition to child’s play.
(NayanaIliffe, CA$27.75, buy here.)


Let them cut and assemble their very own T- Rex Dinosaur 3D toy.
(Oxfordoll; CA$11.97, buy here.)

Building and Construction toys


Natural, Eco-friendly construction kit, made of oak tree , great for developing logic thinking and creative play.
( WOODpoint; CA$44.41, buy now.)


This modular tree house set will bow child’s imagination, you my choose between Castle, Forest, or House Walls.
(Manzanitakids; CA$219.26, buy now.)



Traditional style blocks, develops spatial and logical thinking and imagination and inspires not only children but also adults.
Daddidit, CA$194.28, buy now.)



For more baby and kids gift ideas visit Etsy editor picks – the best Christmas gifts on one place picked just for you. You may also like 10 incredible wooden handcrafted toys for toddlers.


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