Brilliant shamrock craft that kids will absolutely love

Lily Zunic

I believe that engaging kids in to creative play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time consuming.

Preview: Simple St Patrick’s day crafts with dyed pasta for fun afternoon plus free printable pack.

Sometimes is the best to keep things simple but fun. With little preparation dye real pasta in to green and you are ready for St. Patricks day crafts.

Brilliant green pasta shamrock St Patrick’s day crafts for kids

Today I‘m gonna show you how you can have fun with simple st patrick crafts even with a younger kids. I just love seasonal crafts. Every year, how my girl grows, I’m inspired with different techniques and materials that we use for the same theme. And it is really interesting to see how each year she is capable to do much more than the previous year.

This is the first part of our three series of simple St Patrick’s day crafts. In the end of this post you will find printable pack with shamrock craft theme. You can also check out St Patrick’s day activities for kids: Lacing shamrock.


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So let’s get started.

Materials that you will need:

First you color your macaroni with green food color. Do that at least one hour prior starting craft activity because you want them to be dry and ready.

Process of dying pasta is really simple:

Place ½ cup of macaroni in to zip lock bag and add 3-4 drops green food coloring.
Seal the bag and sake until colour is spread evenly through pasta.
If it seems a bit pale continue adding 1-2 drops, shake well  and repeat process if needed.
Once you are satisfied with colour put pasta on a plate and let it dry.


Now real fun can start.

st patricks day crafts pasta schamrock

Print out first page printable and invite your little one to join.
Apply glue on small surface and start placing pasta. If your child is too little you can put glue for him. My daughter can put glue but not entirely, so I helped her to avoid gaps

When shamrock is all covered with pasta let it dry.

And your little St. Patrick’s day shamrock craft is done.

Download free printable.

shamrock free printable -kids crafts

So you see, sometimes is the best to keep thing simple but fun.

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Brilliant green pasta shamrock , totally simple st patricks day kids craft. My 3-year old enjoyed it. Click to download free shamrock printable.

Love how simple is this St. Patricks craft - green pasta shamrock. Toddlers and even preschooler will love glue pasta. Click to get free printable.

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