Great way to boost fine motor skills: Shamrock lacing

Preview: Inside you will find tutorial for shamrock lacing activity and free printable.

In a constant search for activities for my 3 year old I found inspiration in a shamrock. Few days ago she had so much fun with St Patrick’s day crafts gluing green pasta in to shamrock shape so I picked something different this time.

I wanted something she can play with after we finish. This lacing activity is great as it has few steps and final result (if it is made of a thick cardboard) is actually an activity that your toddler can play over and over.

So let’s get started.

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St Patrick’s day activities for kids : How to make shamrock lacing toy

Materials you will need:


lacing shamrock toy - hole puncher

Steps to make cardboard shamrock lacing activity:

Draw shamrock and trace it on a cardboard.  The thicker cardboard is the best, but box of cereal will be just fine.

Cut shamrock and give your kid to paint it in green.

shamrock crafts for kids - painting kids
Let it dry. While waiting she can paint some other things. We painted egg carton boxes that we will use later on for egg carton crafts, which we do pretty much often.

When paint is dry use hole puncher to make holes all around shamrock, approximately 1 inch apart is perfect. I didn’t trace where holes will be so they are not all in a same distance.

st patrick's day activities for kids - shamrock lacing
Make a knot on a lace and show your kid how to lace it, up and down, all the way.

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Simple  st patrick's day activities for kids - shamrock lacing toy that you can make on your own. This lacing toy will help your child boost fine motor skills. Ideal for toddler or preschooler. Click to get free printable.

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