Soft Felt Hen

It is sad how today children living in a cities hardly can see farm animals for themselves. It makes them hard to imagine animals if they have no experience of seeing them. That is why I strive to provide as many animal toys and books as can while wait for the opportunity when little A. will be able to see them. Yesterday I made this soft felt hen for her to play, inspired with many felt Waldorf inspired animals. With Easter coming soon, we will have some pom-pom chicks to make her company.


DIY Soft Felt Hen

For this project I made template and used brown felt. As you can see it looks very simple and only basic sewing knowledge is required. You actually don’t have to have sewing machine, hen would look beautiful if sewed with blanked stitch. DIY Felt Hen

Sewing Felt Hen

After I stitch all pieces with sewing machine I left little opening at bottom to stuff our felt hen. For stuffing I used wool and rice filling. I had one ‘rice pillow’ left from DIY baby Waldorf doll, the one that was to big to fit the doll. I am happy I could used it for this project.

Stuffing Soft Felt Hen

I hand stitched opening at bottom, and there she is. Standing tall and proud. Rice inside makes her heavy enough not to turn over and I left inside little bit loose, so she can be easily shaped.

Waldorf inspired Felt Hen


Playing with felt hen

A. loves her new felt toy from the moment she saw her. She just started walking on her own, but when she spotted hen sitting on other side of the room, she crawled because she is still much faster that way. Now hen goes everywhere with us. Happy little felt hen 🙂

Hope you enjoyed too, and I would like to her from you what felt toys did you made for your little ones and what felt toys would you like to see on this blog. Thanks!

If you would like to see more ‘mother hen’ projects check out the one from Quiet Book Ideas – Mother hen with chicks where you can download free template.

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Jenny McTernan | 15th Mar 22

    Hi, thanks for your tips.
    I’m wondering if using rice as a filler makes it difficult to wash?
    Cheers ??

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